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igMedical Executive Search is a mission-based agency that was formed in 2005 with the sole purpose of cultivating meaningful human connections in the world.  We bring depth, commitment, and passion to our work as we serve the hopes and needs of healthcare professionals and organizations nationwide.

Mindful Search & Match


igMedical provides direct executive search services that cradle our clients in support so they may focus entirely on and thrive at collaborating as a team to  select the best executive match for their hospital.

A sampling of Servant Recruiting services include:

  • Stakeholder interviews, summary and reporting.

  • Culturally aligned interview and selection process design 

  • Interview question and scoring development

  • Candidate experience design

  • Interview skills training and debrief support

  • And of course, the direct search, recruitment and hiring of exceptional human beings!


In search of executives who uniquely  match to top positions in leadership, igMedical thoroughly vets essential technical skills and credentialing - but that's just the beginning.  Culture fit, temperament, vision for the future, connection to the area, financial needs, values alignment and passion all play into the vetting and selection process to ensure best match and enduring success.

Serving the match requires establishing trust, taking time to know the whole human being, and supporting both client and candidate with the utmost integrity and respect.


Final decisioning for all parties is a delicate process.  igMedical practices radical responsiveness, which includes holding space for the newly unfolding relationships (both practically and emotionally), uncovering opportunities and/or barriers, researching and educating, empowering negotiations, and bridging connections.

igMedical is available 24 by 7 to serve both client and candidate .

igMedical remains a resource through on boarding and beyond to help set down roots and cultivate a successful new start  for the client, candidate and their family. 

igMedical is an independent agency 

based in San Diego, California.

The search firm is woman owned and serves healthcare organizations in the search and placement of executive level professionals.

Founder & Executive Team Leader

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Lori Wallace

igMedical cradles its clients in support.

igMedical accepts no more than two executive searches at a time to ensure that both candidate and client receive the attention they deserve.

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igMedical works on exclusive engagement.

This includes a performance based model so clients have complete freedom to partner and source in collaboration with igMedical.